I’m Lulu, i’m 22 and I live in England, UK with my fiancé of 4 years.



His name is Louie but I shall refer to him as Souly! 😀 

He likes: Loud metal music, sewing & desserts.

He dislikes: Wasps, onions & my snoring.

My name is Lulu but Souly calls me Tron… don’t ask.

I love books.

Researching books, looking for books, buying books, smelling books, holding books and finding time in amongst all of that, to actually read books. I enjoy classic literature and anything from the decadent era. I really love antiquarian books and my poor Souly has endured many hours of following me up and down aisles of second-hand bookstores.



You will very rarely see any living foliage in my presence (i’m like the green reaper) but how cute are the flowers Souly got for me?! They have fully blossomed now and look so, so pretty!

On the right in the right hand crate are my very special yellow books, in 19th century France explicit and controversial novels were always bound in yellow, it includes a reprint of selections from The Yellow Book (The publication taking it’s name from the French custom), the infamous literary publication of the 1800’s, featuring the work of Aubrey Beardsley of which you can also see on my shelf. 😀 I also have a copy of Max Beerbohm’s only novel and Joris-Karl Huysmans novel A’Rebours.

My other hobby is crafting and DIY.

I called myself The Not-So-Handy Woman because I love to make and do things around the house, but I have zero skills and zero natural talent. So i’m like a handy-woman but less handy. More of a “i’ll fix it but it might blow up” kinda woman.

This is what I have dedicated my blog to. The reason I started this blog is because I got so bored of stumbling through craft tutorials. Every how-to video and written tutorial had a supplies list about a page long and even after getting all the supplies I would mess things up and get stuck. I always ended up improvising and doing things backwards.

It usually turns out that when I have a problem i’m not alone. So I assumed there must be other people out there who just want to make stuff! I just want to sit down, make a mess and have something pretty to show for it. Crafting should be fun, not so difficult that you think “AHH why did I do this?” I also don’t want to go shopping and spend lots of money for a simple project.

So I created this space, to show you that crafting needn’t be difficult nor expensive. I mean sure, if you want to create really beautiful things you have to spend a bit more time and money than I shall be, however I believe in making things beautiful on a budget.

I am really rubbish at DIY and not great at crafting. All of my project disasters will be here for you to see. You have been warned. :’) I will always endeavour to keep things as simple as possible and as cheap as possible!

Other stuff i’m into: Sunny days, earth beneath my feet, animals, interior design, surrealist art, decadent literature, ancient European culture, philosophy, psychology, soft blankets, cushions, lemon and ginger tea.

image_30512501444_oThis is a beautiful picture I took of West Bay beach, my favourite place! Would you believe me if I told you I took this in November?


I’m Lulu x